Step 2. Vocabulary Practice: What is Hot in Mobile Marketing

Read the text and complete the tasks below.

The age of mobile marketing is at its finest. Thanks to innovations in the area of mobile technologies, such as digital wallets or helpful everyday apps, mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular with marketers. Analyze the following pointers to get up to date with the current trends.

  1. Investments in mobile apps and mobile web design pay off.

User experience is everything. Consider the growing number of mobile internet users – you need to reach them. Companies investing in apps targeted at their niche can definitely gain an edge over their competitors. The same applies to responsive web design – it’s an absolute must. Moreover, try implementing a click to call button on your website to make contacting you even easier.

  1. Location-based services will stay prominent.

There is a number of location-based services, characterized by high accuracy and reliability. These apps basically pass on relevant information to the end-users, based on their exact location. Geo-location is tied to the behavior of buyers and consumers often rely on these bits of information to make the final decision.

  1. Utility and social apps.

Mobile technology follows us on every step of our life, whether it is tracking our running workout or planning the domestic budget. Utility apps are definitely one of the most popular categories of apps for handset owners. Marketers target end-users of these apps, generating revenues through in-app advertisements and purchases. However, such advertising should always be developed in a way that does not hamper user experience.

Step 2. Vocabulary Practice: What is Hot in Mobile Marketing