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English for Programmers

It comes as no surprise that knowledge of programming languages is crucial for software developers and computer programmers. However, communication skills are equally important. Take this packet to consolidate and expand your vocabulary so that you can be better at understanding and explaining everything related to programming. This packet gives you access 21 lessons in 2 different courses.

English for IT
Lesson 1: Hardware Devices (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Mobile and wearable devices
Lesson 3: Operating Systems
Lesson 4: Interfaces
Lesson 5: Applications
Lesson 6: Databases
Lesson 7: Data Processing
Lesson 8: Data Storage
Lesson 9: Backup
Lesson 10: Data Mining
Lesson 11: Big Data

English for the World Wide Web
Lesson 1: World Wide Web (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Hosting
Lesson 3: Domains
Lesson 4: Browsers
Lesson 5: Search engines
Lesson 6: Web Design
Lesson 7: Layout
Lesson 8: Usability and Accessibility
Lesson 9: Usability testing
Lesson 10: Graphic design

Recommended English level: intermediate and higher