English for Online Marketing

159.00  for 90 days

Online course: English for Online Marketing                   

Marketing is the soul of any business. And these days marketing pretty much equals online marketing. But online marketing comes with its own intricate language and complex vocabulary. Take this course to make sure you don’t fall behind in the one area where you can’t afford it!

Course Contents:

Lesson 1: Pricing models (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Visual advertising
Lesson 3: SEO and SEM
Lesson 4: Social Media Marketing
Lesson 5: Targeting
Lesson 6: Predictive Targeting
Lesson 7: Mobile Marketing
Lesson 8: Partnership Programs
Lesson 9: Special Offers
Lesson 10: Communication Tools
Lesson 11: Customer Relation Management
Lesson 12: Standardization
Lesson 13: Price lists
Lesson 14: Customer Complaints

Recommended English level: intermediate and higher