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English for Online Business Pro

Knowledge is the key to success. Take this packet to consolidate and expand your vocabulary regarding every aspect of running an online business. You will get an overall perspective on anything from online marketing and sales to more technical aspects of managing an online business. This packet gives you access to 60 lessons in 5 different courses.

English for Online Marketing
Lesson 1: Pricing models (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Visual advertising
Lesson 3: SEO and SEM
Lesson 4: Social Media Marketing
Lesson 5: Targeting
Lesson 6: Predictive Targeting
Lesson 7: Mobile Marketing
Lesson 8: Partnership Programs
Lesson 9: Special Offers
Lesson 10: Communication Tools
Lesson 11: Customer Relation Management
Lesson 12: Standardization
Lesson 13: Price lists
Lesson 14: Customer Complaints

English for Online Payments
Lesson 1: Payment Types (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Transaction Authentication
Lesson 3: Financial Institutions
Lesson 4: Chargeback
Lesson 5: Newest Trends in Payments
Lesson 6: Concluding Remote Agreements
Lesson 7: Individual Customer Rights
Lesson 8: Personal Data Protection
Lesson 9: Intellectual Property
Lesson 10: Cross-border Sales

English for Online Security
Lesson 1: Data Security (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Encryption
Lesson 3: Antivirus software
Lesson 4: Firewalls
Lesson 5: Company Security
Lesson 6: Cybercrime
Lesson 7: Malware
Lesson 8: Spyware
Lesson 9: Bots
Lesson 10: DDoS Attacks

English for e-Business
Lesson 1: New Economy (Free Sample lesson)
Lesson 2: Knowledge Economy
Lesson 3: Implementation of IT Solutions
Lesson 4: Digitalization
Lesson 5: E-Business
Lesson 6: E-commerce Definition and Types
Lesson 7: E-commerce Site Types
Lesson 8: B2B
Lesson 9: B2C
Lesson 10: C2C
Lesson 11: Auctions
Lesson 12: Logistics
Lesson 13: Shipment Tracking
Lesson 14: Suppliers

English for Business
Lesson 1: Product Development (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Company Structure
Lesson 3: Recruiting and Employment
Lesson 4: Marketing
Lesson 5: Sales
Lesson 6: Corporate Finance
Lesson 7: Leadership and Management
Lesson 8: Meetings
Lesson 9: Negotiations
Lesson 10: Business Travel
Lesson 11: IT in Business
Lesson 12: Project Management

Recommended English level: intermediate and higher