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English for Online Business Core

There are plenty of benefits to starting an online business. Take this packet to revise vocabulary essential for running a successful online business and marketing your products and services online. This packet gives you access to 28 lessons in 2 different courses.

English for Online Marketing
Lesson 1: Pricing models (Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 2: Visual advertising
Lesson 3: SEO and SEM
Lesson 4: Social Media Marketing
Lesson 5: Targeting
Lesson 6: Predictive Targeting
Lesson 7: Mobile Marketing
Lesson 8: Partnership Programs
Lesson 9: Special Offers
Lesson 10: Communication Tools
Lesson 11: Customer Relation Management
Lesson 12: Standardization
Lesson 13: Price lists
Lesson 14: Customer Complaints

English for e-Business
Lesson 1: New Economy (Free Sample lesson)
Lesson 2: Knowledge Economy
Lesson 3: Implementation of IT Solutions
Lesson 4: Digitalization
Lesson 5: E-Business
Lesson 6: E-commerce Definition and Types
Lesson 7: E-commerce Site Types
Lesson 8: B2B
Lesson 9: B2C
Lesson 10: C2C
Lesson 11: Auctions
Lesson 12: Logistics
Lesson 13: Shipment Tracking
Lesson 14: Suppliers

Recommended English level: intermediate and higher