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To see the list of your available courses go to “my courses”.

You will see a different number of available courses, depending on the products you have purchased. Our courses contain 10 to 14 lessons. In order to complete a course you need to complete all the lessons.

Each lesson consists of five different quizzes. In order to complete a lesson you need to complete all five quizzes one by one.

The passing percentage for all english4ecommerce quizzes is 80%. This means that if you get a lower score, you will need to take the quiz once again. You may take each quiz as many times as you wish.

After completing a quiz use the “Click Here to Continue” button. If you pass the quiz, clicking the button will redirect you to the next part of the course. However, if your score is to low, you will need to retake the quiz.

Types of questions in quizzes

There are five types of questions in english4ecommerce courses.

  1. True/false statements require you to mark the sentence as true or false.
  2. Single choice questions are questions where you have many options, yet only one is correct.
  3. Multiple choice questions have more than one correct answer.
  4. In matrix choice questions you are required to match different elements.
  5. Fill-in-the-blank questions require you to fill answers within text. The length of the word is always given in brackets.

In some questions you will be provided with hints. Hints give you clues about where you need to look for information in a video or the the spelling of words.


Your progress on english4ecommerce will be rewarded with badges! Each time you unlock an achievement you will be awarded a badge.